Kenmore top loading washing machine service in CdA, North Idaho

Majority of Kenmore top loading washing machines are actually made by Whirlpool. The beltless design was introduced in Kenmore washers in 1980s and is still being made. The reason for that is a simple and very robust design, which makes Kenmore washing machines last longer and break less than their competition.

And when a Kenmore washer needs service, most repairs won’t break the bank. We have most parts to repair your Kenmore washing machine today. Check out Our Warranty. Call us now: (208) 610-3770 to schedule service.

Typical problems with Kenmore washing machines: no spin, slow spin, no drain, no agitate, overfills, makes noise, no fill with water, out of balance, leaks water, agitating during spin, no start.

PS: Thinking about replacing your Kenmore washer with a new one? Don’t kid yourself, a newer washer does not mean a better washer, and most of newer washers are not made to last. How about Energy Star stuff? If your washing machine is in a landfill after 5 years or less it saves neither money nor the environment.